Removing the seedling from the existing pot can sometimes be tricky. I take a look at how deep the tomato seedling is sitting in the larger container. The seed starting cells are too small for adequate root development and I like to place the seedlings in a more sturdy and nutrient-dense soil medium than the soilless seed starting mix. You may never have an issue but I think it’s better to be safe now than sorry later. would coffee grounds be a good source of fetilizer my grandmother put the grounds on everything roses were beautiful. Each time I pot them I cut off the bottom 2 branches and bury those under the soil level. Your seedling should have a good inch of space all around it when it’s in its new home. Manage Consent, Tweets that mention Re-Potting Tomato Seedlings To Larger Containers : Veggie Gardener -- Tomato seedlings can be transplanted into the garden 5 to 7 weeks after planting from seed, or when they are 6 to 10 inches (15.2 to 25.4 centimeters) tall. I started all of my tomato and pepper seeds in June for my fall garden and now it is time to repot those pepper and tomato seedlings into larger pots. Lever the seedlings out of the soil with a small utensil, such as a table knife. Part of the series: Garden Space. Before filling your containers, wet down your soil mixture to ensure even watering after you plant. Growing tomato plants in containers is a way to grow fresh tasting tomatoes in a small amount of space. Use a spoon to carefully separate the seedling’s soil from the edges of the original pot. Moist soil will cling to the roots and protect them from drying. I like to turn the seedling on its side and give the bottom of the pot a good squeeze on all four sides to loosen it up a bit. Finally got all my tomatoes in bigger pots and they thank me each day. You don’t have to do this but it seems to help root development. Your email address will not be published. Grasp firmly where the shoots meet the soil. Any larger container that you prefer can be used to re-pot the tomato seedlings in. Posted on April 23, 2010 by Admin in Growing Tomatoes // 4 Comments. If the seedling is too deep I place another handful of soil in the container. Here are some hints for successful repotting: Water the tomatoes well before you start to repot. Sprawling heirloom types may need a 15 gallon container. Tomato seedlings are ready for an upgrade once their first set of true leaves form and they are about 6-10 inches tall. This will help to prevent any diseases that could be in the old potting soil. The seed packets of most suppliers... Mark the ground: Once you know the required spacing, mark the spots on the ground where the tomato plants … Carefully loosen the root ball and place the transplant in an empty pot. The tomato seedling now needs a good drink of water or compost tea. Prior to transplanting, the seedlings had thick stems that were a little taller than I would have liked. 1. You can also loosen the roots from the container walls by squeezing and releasing the sides of the container. Transplanting into the garden. Starting tomato seeds is quite easy. It's often more efficient to dampen the potting mix before you … The seedling will usually slide right out after this. With the seedling removed from its original container I gently place it in the center of the larger container. Use a small utensil, such as a table knife, to … Even if you have a 100% germin… 1. When selecting a container, think about the size of the tomato cultivar you’re growing. Tomato plants love being transplanted and will actually grow better once they are re-potted to larger containers. It is better to have these containers ready to go before removing the tomato seedlings from their existing home. This will help the seedling develop stronger roots, prevent the roots from becoming bound (or looking like a big knot), and prevent the tomato seedling from becoming so leggy. First, gently remove the tomato plants from the pot they are growing in. Greg Speichert shows you how to repot these tomato seedlings. Given proper heat and light, tomato seedlings grow faster than most other kinds of seeds, so they need almost constant tending from the moment they are planted. Acclimating tomato seedlings to outdoor conditions is a bit like helping your child adjust to kindergarten – it takes plenty of patience and hand-holding. coffee grounds a good source of ferterlizer good or bad? Prima Donna theme by Georgia Lou Studios. How to Repot and Transplant Tomato and Pepper Plants (Upsizing) gardens , peppers , tomatoes , vegetable gardening / By Dave If you start seeds yourself rather than purchase plants one important step in the process is transplanting. Wait to transplant your tomato seedlings into the garden until after … You must be careful when removing the seedling not to damage it or its roots. Do you re-pot your tomato seedlings before transplanting in the vegetable garden? Since I will not be planting them in the vegetable garden for a couple more weeks, I need to re-pot them to a larger container. Make sure to water the seedling each day to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Compact bush types need a minimum container size of 5 gallons. There comes a time in every seedling’s life when it must move out of its cramped confines into bigger digs that will allow it to keep growing. One watering per day should suffice until the tomato seedling is transplanted in the vegetable garden. Repotting tomatoes is a great way to take plants in one location and give them a whole new lease on life. ② Fill a bowl or bucket with a 50:50 blend of seed starting mix and potting soil. When your tomato plants outgrow their original space they need to be repotted into a larger container to allow the roots and plant to continue growing. The tomato seedling now needs a good drink of water or compost tea. You can also use an organic potting soil too. Potting on tomatoes – planting the young seedlings. Repot and Harden Off. How to transplant tomato seedlings ① Get a container at least twice as large as the original container. I am re-potting these tomato seedlings into a half gallon container that I had left over from a couple of shrubs I bought last year.

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