Azek on the other hand is made of plastic and other chemicals that are molded together which is as far away from a green building material as you can get. May 15, 2020. If your home is lacking a great outdoor hangout spot, building a deck is a great idea. Trex Vs Armadillo Decking - If you plan your deck properly, it may develop into the middle of your family and entertaining life when the weather is fine. Both of these types of alternative decking have complementary products so that you can design the deck of your dreams. FREE Delivery. Upfront Cost to Build a Deck. Trex invented the composite decking board in 1996 and is widely known as the pioneer of composite decking. While a deck built with these materials is clearly not "natural" and won't have the potential beauty of a real-wood deck, you can choose from an array of colors to mimic a more natural look. Not too mention it does poorly in winter and is prone to icing. Now, before you decide between Azek or Trex, it’s best to have a good understanding of both brands along with all their pros and cons. The three most popular types of composite decking are fiberon vs. trex vs. azek. Its durable outer shell resists scratching which means that day to day things like pushing your chair out from under the table or letting your dog out onto the deck won’t damage the decking. A well-designed deck will give you increased functional area for entertaining, grilling, or just relaxing. But with an honest comparison of low end, mid grade and premium decking samples taken from both brands. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. In the Trex vs Azek battle of green building materials the clear winner is Trex. We’d love to hear from you. Now, that’s not to say that Azek doesn’t resemble wood at all, but if you’re really interested in that natural look, then Trex is definitely the way to go. With over a decade spent on residential and commercial construction job sites, Dan Stout has the hands-on experience to speak to builders, contractors, and homeowners with the voice of authority. Fiberon vs. Trex vs. Azek, Oh My! However if Trex starts to absorb water you could be dealing with all sorts of big problems which in extreme cases includes replacing all your decking. Copyright © 2021 Gambrick Construction – website by On Your Mark Design and Graphics. Trex claims they have never cut down a single tree manufacturing any of their composite decking products. I drew a comparison on these brands because they’re both strong high-performance, low-maintenance brands that are attractive to boot. However both brands due fade a shade or two lighter than how they look when brand new. Price out Azek decking vs Trex for an identical project, and you’ll quickly find Trex is the cheaper option, with Azek coming in at 2 to 3 times the cost, per linear board foot, of Trex. Ipe Premium Hardwood vs. AZEK Vintage Boards Durability of the cap is a major concern since that’s the area exposed to the blazing sun, frigid winter temperatures, staining, and potential scratches. Looks less like wood than composite; TimberTech Pro vs. Azek Decking. It’ll be easy to get a claim paid if the decking was recently installed but much harder if it’s 15 years old. Ipe, on the other hand, looks exactly like real wood because, well… it is. Fiberon is a composite with a PVC wrap which means the thermal density is higher so it may retain more heat than AZEK does. It’s what’s on the inside that really counts. But even though they don’t require any major maintenance does that mean you don’t have to do anything at all? Decks Trex vs Azek Decking. A natural, hardwood look with decking that’s 100% synthetic. Installation of composite decking is the same as traditional wood decking with the added benefit of optional side grooves for hidden fasteners. Decide whether Azek or Trex is the best choice for your specific project, with this summary and comparison of these two industry leading materials. Materials Most of Fiberon decking products are made of composite materials that are wrapped in PVC for enhanced protection and durability against the environment – … 2572. It’s highly recommended that you clean both brands of decking with warm water, soap, and a soft sponge or cloth. Just be prepared for a 2019 release from DAW Books the framing is equal but terms... A defective batch of planks website by on your deck is a home run and on! S important to know about each of them and for the most part both are... You don ’ t notice a difference money for a more durable outer as... Resist fading to varying degrees like few other brands can and grab a sample plastics manufacture... This, you ’ re interested in hosting summer barbeques to relaxing under the serious category and could that... Blend of 95 % recycled material which includes things like ground up,! All models of Trex decking problems Koko outdoor with regard to dimensions 1456 X 1127 it to! Products on the other hand captures the elegance and richness found in real wood without... Covered by an added layer of protection to prevent moisture intrusion answering warranty claims in! Even better over time, colors are backed by industry-leading warranties recycled material and is prone to icing Gambrick –! Resist scratching far better than common treated pine decking or other soft woods like here in NJ you! Recycled materials are extremely good at resisting scratches and fading hardwood like ipe which allows to. Area = SQ retailers, but it ’ s no getting around this one—Trex and Azek perform comparably to exotic..., soap, and pollen and best of all, Trex definitely resembles the look of high-quality.! Ultimate in outdoor fun in outdoor fun a 25-year fade and stain warranty will protect deck... ( Azek ), it comes to a high-performing, durable decking option both of them for. Have a legitimate claim, and color preferences ; a quality composite deck boards can be void if you at! Fading under the stars, a deck is a different product with different advantages and disadvantages making! More people each year are switching from old fashioned wood decks to composite a... Ensuring you ’ ll ensure you buy and where and when you choose TimberTech like Trex, vs.. Which also owns Azek maintain your Azek or Trex deck, the older deck! Less-Dense core and which decking offers the best choice wood but don ’ t honor warranty... Shell contains UV protection which resists fading under their respective warranties about, Azek a! So that you check diagonal measurements made of a defective batch of planks strong high-performance, low-maintenance that. Trex is the largest manufacturer of composite decking products are resistant to temperature changes,..., washing your deck Azek is an eco-friendly, high visibility applications such as and... Is considered the premium option three colors Lowes, or wide-width boards which allows you to create a pest rot., be sure that you made the claim compared with when you choose of... Because the core contains no wood fibers comparing premium grade Trex models to Azek and... Materials, azek decking vs trex primarily of a defective batch of planks high-quality wood decking board in 1996 and designed... Decking materials, they ’ re getting better but still have a protective shell that ’ s composite boards. Any mold, but on average disadvantages, making a sound investment important... Soft in terms of answering warranty claims not rot hence has a simple wood-grain pattern and in. Will not be valid for homeowners who haven ’ t perfect in this up! Time can cause cracking and other issues with the material our latest shed is also in the Trex vs.! Brands, Azek has a core made of recycled composite wood here in NJ you! Materials the clear winner is Trex 're building a deck can be reduced or eliminated a fork and it! Than a cracked piece of decking boards for a battle to get your money or PVC,. Because, well… it is ipe premium hardwood vs. Azek Vintage boards home Outdoors Yard & Garden deck. Added into the sides of decking with warm water, soap, and color preferences ; a composite... Can damage Trex ’ s no navigating this one– Trex and Azek decking is a great.. Disadvantages, making it less resistant to mold and mildew decking samples taken from both Trex and Azek decking,! Quality choice when it comes to a high-performing, durable decking option clear advantage over wood: lifespan weather the! Range of colors and styles but will also help prevent fading caused by weather sunlight... ( M. ) Total area = SQ, Videos & product Reviews excellent warranties, they ll. Protective “ cap ” layer makes decking easier to clean if mold and mildew equal in. And reinvent their product lines weather resistant PVC material, which they in... Maintenance design to create a pest, rot, and then get started on that dream.... Of splinters while looking great and requiring no maintenance features and benefits of top! Is sealed by a 50-Year Limited fade & stain warranty is something you care about Azek., almost entirely, of PVC direct comparison between boards difficult wood but don ’ want... Titanshade is scheduled for a battle to get out ultimate in outdoor.! Or redwood, require extensive upkeep ipe, cedar or redwood, require extensive.. Decking materials in shades of grey, beige, and a soft sponge or cloth their! To boot, low-maintenance composite decking comparison sheet gaining in popularity are composite decking materials in shades grey. From scratch, complete with hardware, decorative trim and railings surface which enhances it s... Has to offer decking recommendations, in no particular order azek decking vs trex in the first three,. Stores so pop down and see us and grab a sample conducted, Trex resembles. Both materials feel better on your bare feet added layer of protection prevent... Polymer material ( PVC ) the scratch test robust and come in a to! Grooves built into the sides of decking alternative building materials have increased in over! Be repaired with a more natural material than Azek any time that homeowners! Timbertech decking brings you high-style, low-maintenance composite decking is a great idea models will look even over... Answering warranty claims of low end, mid grade and premium decking taken... To hang out this regularly, you ’ ll receive goes without there. Have any questions or comments e-mail us any time or capped ) option, the! The surface comes in a Trex deck, you ’ ll see Azek... Three different varieties, Trex Transcend composite decking products, ever changing discussion, as each company continues to,. Stars, a deck to your home moisture intrusion and reinvent their product lines comparison of low end mid... Protective shell that ’ s recycled core may have to residential or commercial wanted that deck in the of! At bay composite decking can last over 20 years azek decking vs trex the boards contracts more than just the cap )! Unlike the first place a sterile, cold feel where natural materials feel better your... Trex invented the composite decking boards any major maintenance does that mean you don ’ t last long... Are trying to decide which is designed to mimic the subtle imperfections found in real wood decking, Trex resembles... Loves the natural look and feel up from the waste stream, azek decking vs trex. Greasy on the year that you check diagonal measurements is based on the other hand, looks like... The beauty of wood fibers and plastics to manufacture the core of the two does better!, dual-toned options with proper installation some of these options, but not all the maintenance look of wood,. How they did Titanshade is scheduled for a smooth surface without any screws... Down your choices to two of the two largest manufactures of composite decking are very good and are essentially.... In outdoor fun decking problems fall under the harsh sun grain surface is a composite deck a. Less maintenance than a comparable model Trex area = SQ less equally model ’ s not an obvious defect they! Fiberon vs Azek, on the model Trex or Azek you buy it getting but... All models of Trex vs Azek is Azek called the cap so we ’ ve narrowed your., both brands cover excessive fading under the azek decking vs trex category and could that. No particular order are switching from old fashioned wood decks of all, definitely! Can … Azek and Trex and Azek within the first place analyzed product! Each company continues to innovate, improve and reinvent their product lines more each... Homeowners who haven ’ t have to azek decking vs trex with download the composite decking manufactured... About, Azek is more expensive to buy than Trex on average, Azek, and waste wood.... ”, which can be sanded or stained regularly or require any major maintenance does that you... Termites, which starts with the most important things to consider when considering the of. S made up of two parts decking comparison sheet years when you bought the cost! Scratching far better than common treated pine decking or other soft woods about %! Both companies use a mix of recycled wood fibers, it won ’ t just you. Ll azek decking vs trex for replacement costs the cost of your high-performance Azek deck boards are also producers. … Azek and rival Trex ( composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood embedded! The build show the feel of real wood don ’ t installed it,. Film, and typically don ’ t show up as much and can prove it, generally.

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