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He will make one of the future starting pitchers.”

Jeon Chang-min, 19, is one of the most sensible players in the Doosan Bears’ spring camp. Jeon Chang-min, who joined Doosan in the second round of the 2019 Rookie of the Year, is the first spring camp in the first division. Jeon Chang-min said, “It’s definitely good to learn a lot. Since there are many seniors, the atmosphere itself is different,” he said.

After one inning of strikeout and no loss at the Australian camp, he went over to Miyazaki, Japan, and pitched two scoreless innings against the Yomiuri Giants’ second-tier team last month. He was on the verge of reaching the bases with one hit and two walks in an inning in his own clean-back game on Tuesday, but he didn’t lose any runs, continuing his 0 ERA.

Though he didn’t make his debut in the first division, Jeon Chang-min solidly solidified his inner circle in the Futures League. Jeon Chang-min, who pitched 52 innings in 14 games in the Futures League, followed suit with two wins, one loss and a 3.46 ERA. Jeon Chang-min said, “I also learned how to run the game by throwing a lot in the second division,” adding, “What I learned a lot in the second division seems to be a lot of help in spring camp.”

We have made great strides since last year`s education league. Most of all, he is calm on the mound. When he was young, he only tried to throw hard, but he threw his own ball with ease on the mound. “If I use my lower body more, I will become a better pitcher with speed,” he said. “I am a player who will be a starter in Korea.”

Above all, aggressive pitching was applauded. Jeon Chang-min said, 사설토토 “It’s hard for me to bring a lot of pitchers, and it’s hard for the field to go out. I’m trying to pitch by throwing my ball, as I can go straight even if I get hit well,” he said. He also said, “I wasn’t in a bad condition against Yomiuri. The ball went as well as I thought,” he laughed. 

In this spring camp, Jeon Chang-min made a big change. When he pitched, he stopped once and threw a double kick. There was advice from coach Kim Won-hyung. “When Chang-min was pitching, I saw his body fall over quickly,” coach Kim Won-hyung said. “I adjusted well and showed a good performance.” Jeon Chang-min also explained the effect, saying, “I definitely feel like I’m getting out of the ball.”

Jeon Chang-min said, “Since I have no experience in the first division yet, I will practice with the goal of joining the first division. We will also work hard and prepare well so that even if we are in the second division, we can go to the first division,” he said.

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